July 2018 Bestsellers - The Missing Clue - August 2018

We are very pleased that our No 1 bestseller over all book types was Graham Reed’s, The Chairman’s Toys.  Reed is an ex-Winnipeger and won Poisoned Press’ annual competition for unpublished mystery novels. The prize was publication of the novel.  We also hear that there will be another novel coming next year.  We highly recommend this well written novel, which we are having trouble keeping in stock.

Trade Papers

1.      Graham Reed,  The Chairman’s Toys

2.      Daniel Silva, The Other Woman

3.      Paul Doherty,  Dark Serpent

4.      Peter James, Dead if You Don’t

5.      Anthony Horowitz,  The Word is Murder

6.      Dinah Jeffries, The Sapphire Widow

7.      William Shaw,  She’s Leaving Home

8.      Vaseem Khan, Murder at the Grand Raj Palace

9.      E.C.R. Lorac,  Bats in the Belfry

10.   Robert Bryndza,  Girl in the Ice

Mass Markets

1.      Rhys Bowen, On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service

2.      M.C. Beaton,  The Witches Tree

3.      Baker Bree, Live and Let Chai

4.      J.C. Eaton,  Staged 4 Murder

5.      Rose Pressey,  Passion For Haunted Fashion

6.      Bernard Cornwell,  Fools and Mortals

7.      Elizabeth Peters,  The Painted Queen

8.      Lorna Barrett, A Just Clause

9.      Dan Brown, Origin

10.   Linda Fairstein,  Deadfall