Book Review: The Next to Die by Sophie Hannah - reviewed by Dakota

(Dakota is our co-op student from The Met School and agreed to tell us about his most recent read.)

This month I have read The Next to Die by Sophie Hannah. This book is about Kim Tribbeck a stand up comedian that gets caught up in an investigation into the “Billy Dead Mates” murders into which they are killing pairs of best friends. Before “Billy” kills their victims he sends them a small white book. Kim had gotten a book at a show she put on the year before.

I thought the book had a good plot idea and I really enjoyed reading it. There were some things about the book that I thought were really hard to follow like, the changes of characters perspectives between pages even though there was no chapter title break. I also didn’t like how when they changed the characters perspectives she had them all doing different things at the same time that correlated. I would give this book a 7/10.