Bestseller Lists - February and March 2019 - The Missing Clue - April 2019

Want to know what other Whodunit customers are enjoying? Here are our bestselling titles for February and March 2019.

Mass Market

  1. Fluke, Joanne, Raspberry Danish Murder

  2. Beaton, MC, Death of an Honest Man

  3. Ryan, Sofie, No Escape Claws

  4. Fredericks, Mariah, Death of No Importance

  5. Jonasson, Ragnar, Snowblind

  6. Baker, Bree, No Good Tea Goes Unpunished

  7. Henry, Julia, Pruning the Dead

  8. Morgan, Alexis, Death by Committee

  9. Collins Dictionaries, Scots Dictionary

  10. Albert, Susan Wittig, Queen Anne’s Lace

Trade Paper and Hardcover

  1. Bradley, Alan, Golden Tresses of the Dead

  2. Winspear, Jacqueline, American Agent

  3. Camilleri, Andreas, Overnight Kidnapper

  4. Brightwell, Emily, Mrs. Jeffries Delivers the Goods

  5. Leon, Donna, Unto Us a Son is Given

  6. Harper, Jane, The Lost Man

  7. Walters, Minette, Turn of Midnight

  8. Kent, Surena, Death in Provence

  9. Kerr, Philip, Greeks Bearing Gifts

  10. Jonasson, Ragnar, Rupture