Upcoming (and Recent) Events - The Missing Clue - February 2019

Harry Potter Book Night

We are still overwhelmed by the level of interest that we have had in the Bloomsbury Publications "Harry Potter Book Night" that we will be hosting on Thursday, February 7th. Not only did we have to split it into two events, but the tickets for both of them were snapped up in just over an hour.

Stay tuned both in store, as well as on our social medias for some of the results of this event, and for others like it. In 2019, we are hoping that this will be just the first of a bumper of evening events that we can present to give all of you the chance to experience our new space in new ways!

Used Book Sale

Although there have been a number of changes at Whodunit? of late, in some cases, the more things change, the more they will stay the same. February, for example, will still feature our Used Book Sale, from Tuesday, February 19th to Sunday, February 24th. ALL our Used Books will be half price. So for those who have been waiting to come out of hibernation, and especially those of you who haven't come to visit us yet please be sure to come take advantage of this event!

Children’s Book Sale

Many of you have already noted our expanded children's section and have taken advantage of our new capability to stock classics like The Snowman (not to be confused with the Jo Nesbo title…) and new 'classics' like I Need a New Butt.  But in keeping with our desire to link to our own past, we will be carrying through a new tradition from 165 will be the return of our Children's Book Sale, offering 15% off all children's books from Friday, March 29th to Sunday, March 31st.  

We have no word yet whether we will be having any guest salespeople as we did last year, but we do know that we will be aiming to share our great new holdings for younger readers with people of all ages!

Terry O’Reilly

Part of the transition into our new space has been the opportunity to leave it.  Now that technology allows us to take card payments away from the shop without the need for carbon paper, we have been happy to do a number of off-site events.  Most recently, we were honoured to be asked to be the bookseller for CBC's Terry O'Reilly (Under the Influence) while he was speaking at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on January 25th.  Not only we were thrilled to hear Terry's talks on marketing and podcasting (and take a few hints home for ourselves), we are pleased to be able to meet with many of his fans, and let the larger Winnipeg world know about us, as we provided them with copies of both Mr. O'Reilly's works!  Thank you again to Terry, and to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce for having us!