October/November Bestsellers - The Missing Clue - December 2018

The following is a list of the twenty five books we have sold most copies of since October 1st. As I am writing this on November 26th, it does not include a title that will have undoubtedly rocketed up the list by the time you are reading this newsletter, the new Louise Penny, Kingdom of the Blind, hardcover $35.99.  I hope it might give you some ideas either for your own wish list or a gift for someone else.


1.                   C.C. Benison, Paul is Dead, TP $19.95

2.                   Ian Rankin, In A House of Lies, HC $34.99

3.                   Peter Robinson, Careless Love, HC $29.95

4.                   Craig Smith, The Wonky Donkey, $9.99

5.                   Anne Cleaves, Wild Fire, TP $25.99

6.                   Robert Galbraith, Lethal White, HC $38

7.                   Vicki Delany, The Cat of the Baskervilles, TP $23.95

8.                   Peter Robinson, Sleeping in the Ground, TP $21

9.                   Rhys Bowen, The Ghost of Christmas Past, TP $22.50

10.               Kate Carlisle, A Wrench in the Works, MM $10.99

11.               C.J. Sansom, Tombland, HC $39.95

12.               Anne Perry, A Christmas Revelation, HC $27

13.               Susanna Gregory, The Habit of Murder, TP $15.99

14.               Felix Francis, Crisis, TP $22

15.               Kate Ellis, The Mechanical Devil, TP $15.99

16.               Reed Farrel Coleman, Robert B Parker’s The Hangman’s Sonnet, MM $12.99

17.               John Sandford, Holy Ghost, HC $39

18.                H.B. Lyle, The Irregular, SPY $20.49

19.                Graham Reed, The Chairman’s Toys, TP $22.95

20.                Sophie Hannah, Mystery of the Three Quarters, TP

21.               Kate Atkinson, Transcription, HC $32.95

22.               Emily Brightwell, Mrs. Jefferies and the Three Wise Women, TP $22

23.               Janet Evanovich, Hardcore Twenty Four, MM $12.99

24.               Cleo Coyle, The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller, MM $10.99

25.               Sherry Thomas, The Hollow of Fear, TP $20