Growing Pains, Upcoming Events, Ordering Online & Other Services - The Missing Clue - October 2018

Growing Pains

We have been in our wonderful new space for just over a month know, and for those who have visited us more than once, you will have noticed the incremental adjustments that are being made.  We would like to thank all of you who have been patient with us as books have moved from floors to shelves and back again as we get the final touches ready on the space.  As the autumn goes on, things will continue to shift and move as we settle on where we want everything to be, and what extra things we want to share with you. 

Especial thanks must go to Gaylene Chesnut and the other volunteers who have gotten the books into shape to be put on the shelves when they are finally ready!

Upcoming Events

While we have had a few author visits (check out our social medias), we are very excited to confirm that we are on track to be having our first official event featuring CC Benison (Doug Whiteway)! Starting at 3pm on that Sunday we will be launching his new novel Paul is Dead with an author's reading, signing, and treats! We are thrilled that we can also announce that this is actually a pre-launch event, meaning that those of you who get the book from us will be getting it before the official release of the book. We would like to thank Signature Editions, the publisher, for the confidence in us to be able to be given this exclusive.

Watch out for more information as we get nearer to the date. Having such a flexible space means that we have fully decided where we are going to set Doug up, and what the set up will look like, so there will be hints to that as we move through October. Doug is always popular with you, our readership, so we have ordered lots of books, and space will no longer be an issue (remember the two session launch we had for Twelve Drummers Drumming?), but if you want to be sure of getting a copy, you can pre-order one starting today by using the webstore, by phone, email, or by stopping in. If you cannot attend, we can also make sure you get a signed edition.

Ordering Online & Other Extra Services

For those of you who have not been able to visit us yet, or who are reluctant to show up while there are still books on the floor, it is worth reminding all of you that you can order online from our entire catalogue! Whether you cannot make it in, or just do not want to root through the shelves and stacks, by ordering online you can choose to have it mailed, to pick up in the store (for those who also may want to browse), or get FREE delivery within the city. You do not even have to pay before we confirm that the books are here and waiting for you!

Did you also know that regardless of the genre of book you want, if we can acquire it for you, we are more than happy to order it. Also, you can use our webstore to order gifts for people locally, and far away. So if you have a child/grandchild/cousin/parent who needs a book, please consider letting us help you. Also, if you are the kind of person who gets a gift from one of the above, you can use the online ordering function to build a wish list so that we know what they should be looking to buy you!

Of course, for those of you who do not fancy using the webstore, or who love the thrill of the hunt in person, we are still here and open to allow you to do so. If you ever find yourself wanting to visit outside of normal hours, Michael is happy to stay longer or show up early to let you shop. In fact, Michael will be moving even closer to the shop at the end of October, and will be just a hop, skip and a jump away!