Recent Events - The Missing Clue - October 2017

This autumn, we have been very happy to welcome two different authors. First, we had a drop-in visit with Gail Bowen, who was, as always, a wonderful guest. She was happy to talk about her books, the latest of which The Winner’s Circle (in stock $32) is in hardcover. She also let us know that she will be releasing a new book called Sleuth, which is a reflection on her experience writing crime fiction.

Our launch event with Jana Rieger for A Course in Deception (in stock, trade paperback $20) followed shortly after, and was a wonderful chance for us to introduce customers to a new Canadian author. Along with her collaborator Toviyah John, Jana entertained a full house with a reading and with an open willingness to answer questions, not just about her book, but also about the process of transitioning a book into other mediums. We look forward to seeing what she has to offer us next.

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