The Missing Clue - December 2016 - Allan Levine at Whodunit

We were very pleased that Allan Levine could come to Whodunit on Sunday, November 27th to read from his new book and to sign books. The Bootlegger’s Confession is the first title in a new trilogy set in Winnipeg featuring private detective Sam Klein. Klein appeared in Levine’s earlier trilogy which began with the The Blood Libel. The Bootlegger’s Confession is set in 1922, three years after Prohibition had become law in the United States and by this time the business of moving liquor south across the 49th parallel had become entrenched on the prairies.  In talking about how he wrote the book Allan made it clear how much his fiction writing benefited from his work as a historian. A thoroughly entertaining, illuminating and enjoyable afternoon.

For those unable to make the event we do have autographed copies available for sale in the store.