The Missing Clue - October 2016 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes by Michael

As many of you know, and have already noticed, over the course of the summer we have been making changes to the layout to better reflect the changes to the way our books now arrive (ie. fewer mass market paperbacks and hardcovers, many more books in the medium, trade paperback size). The latest of these changes is the long discussed re-sizing of the shelves. This action has actually caused a much larger change than anticipated, because it meant that for the first time, all of the mass-market paperbacks fit onto only one walls worth of shelves in the store. In turn, this meant that we could move the other subsections "Historical", "Scandanavian" and "Crossover" onto the other wall, and out of the various corners and cubbies that they once were kept. Although we expect that, like with any changes, it will take some time for you, our customers, to get used to things being in new places, we do hope that it will make things easier to find, and give you all a chance to see some old things with fresh eyes.

I would also like to thank everyone who has started using the web store. We have had a visible uptick in online orders, as well as searches. For those of you who still haven't visited it, (still at the slightly ungainly it is a resource to allow you not only to see what we have in store and reserve it, but to order new books regardless of subject or genre. We do appreciate that not everything people read are mysteries, and while we are unable to service those genres in store, we are more than happy to bring in the books you want that are available for us to order. We will give stamps regardless of genre! For those of you who visit us from out of town, we really recommend taking advantage of this service to reserve the books you want before your trip.
As before, we are also still happy to take your orders and reservations by phone or email.

EDITOR’S NOTE: That was a subtle dig up there from a younger brother to his older sister for not doing a thing she said she’d do. I’m on it, I promise!